I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
Series Five (2011)
Name Entry Exit
Brian Acosta Day 1 Day 23
Samantha Wallace Day 1 Day 23
Ralph Webb Day 1 Day 23
Melodie Jackson Day 1 Day 22
Ally Pinnock Day 1 Day 21
Donny Badillo Day 1 Day 20
Hellé Day 3 Day 19
Jody Tate Day 1 Day 18
Jason Sheldon Day 1 Day 17
Cynthia Culberson Day 1 Day 16
Pearle Hopkins Day 1 Day 15
Arthur Lamb Day 3 Day 14

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! returned for its fifth series on 6th November 2011 . The series lasted 23 days and was presented by Neil Flood.


The biggest coup of the series was 70's pop singer Hellé, who signed on for a reported £950k deal.

There was significant controversy with the 'racial discrimination' towards singer by Jody Tate by popular actor, Jason Sheldon who went from favourite to win the series to eliminated within days as a result.

Celebrity Known for Status
Arthur Lamb Actor (The Wilted Rose) Eliminated 1st
on 19 November 2011
Pearle Hopkins Glamour model Eliminated 2nd
on 20 November 2011
Cynthia Culberson Newsreader Eliminated 3rd
on 21 November 2011
Jason Sheldon Actor Eliminated 4th
on 22 November 2011
Jody Tate Member of Dimefront Eliminated 5th
on 23 November 2011
Hellé Singer Eliminated 6th
on 24 November 2011
Donny Badillo Politician Eliminated 7th
on 25 November 2011
Ally Pinnock Actress and comedienne Eliminated 8th
on 26 November 2011
Melodie Jackson Former Big Brother contestant Eliminated 9th
on 27 November 2011
Ralph Webb Actor (Coretta Files) Eliminated 10th
on 28 November 2011
Samantha Wallace Actress (The Wilted Rose) Runner-up
on 28 November 2011
Brian Acosta TV presenter Winner
on 28 November 2011
Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20 Day 21 Day 22 Day 23
The Final
Melodie 3rd 16.68% 4th 11.36% 5th 11.51% 4th 10.35% 4th 9.34% 5th 9.93% 1st 63.54% 4th 15.89% 4th 17.73% Eliminated

(Day 22)

Ally Immune Winning camp 8th 4.68% 8th 6.03% 5th 7.66% 5th 8.34% 4th 10.20% Immune 5th 10.01% Eliminated

(Day 21)

Donny Immune Winning camp 7th 4.85% 9th 5.60% 6th 6.01% 6th 7.35% 6th 8.76% 2nd 36.46% Eliminated

(Day 20)

Hellé 5th 14.42% 6th 9.24% 6th 9.11% 7th 4.32% 7th 7.01% Eliminated

(Day 18)

Jody Immune Winning camp 10th 4.30% 7th 6.27% 8th 2.42% 8th 3.53% Eliminated

(Day 18)

Jason 2nd 20.54% 3rd 13.06% 4th 11.55% 9th 1.94% Eliminated

(Day 17)

Cynthia Immune Winning camp 9th 4.41% 10th 4.65% Eliminated

(Day 16)

Pearle Immune Winning camp 11th 3.22% Eliminated

(Day 15)


6th 7.05%


(Day 14)

Bottom two
(named in)
Jody Pearle Cynthia Donny Jason Jody Donny Hellé Jody Donny Melodie No bottom two/ Ally Melodie No bottom two
Eliminated Arthur7.05%
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